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Mike Bridgeman (Joined CSTS 1964 Form 1C - Mr. A.D. Cooksey)
I found the old school website purely by chance - and so pleased I did! Viewed all of the photos posted - sadly I have none myself to contribute - but it was so good to see many of the teachers/staff faces I recall from my schooldays! I now live and work in Exeter, Devon and a few years ago, a guy came into my place of work, and during the course of chatting, turned out he was the son of Bill 'weird beard' Carnell, our old music teacher, who was fond of chucking bits of chalk at us and trying to put us into the school choir.(I escaped that particular torment!) Halcyon days !!
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Tim Ecott (Joined CSTS in Sept. 1961 Form 1A, Mr. Arnott)
Let 2014 be the year when CSTS alumni start using the Blog!!!
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John d bowden John d bowden (Joined 1960?)
Great news on the 3/4th Sept 2011 as a possible reunion. I will be able.

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Ray Baker (Joined CSTS in 1964, Form 1C - Mr A.D. Cooksey)
Having only just found this site, I remember Chris Large, he always played in goal, I also recall the hovercraft that was being made when I joined the school. During my time there I also recall a model steam loco being made in the metalworkshop, did it ever get finished?

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Large Chris (joined csts in 1964 as a budding goalkeeper.)
Hello to all my ex alumnis.Its been such along time since I left those wonderful surroundings of Pampisford Road.
I am impressed with the artworks of Vic Bateman one of his paintings would look amazing in my apartment .Vic might remember me as the neighbour of Keith Smith in Lamberts Place.
Would be very interested in meeting up in September please keep me informed.
Does anybody know the wearabouts of Don Warrdel,as he helped me so much to reach my goal as a profesional fooballer and I have never had the chance to thank him.I am now 58 and still involved in the game here in Spain as a coach

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Tim Ecott:
Hi Chris:
Don was at a reunion in 2002 - admittedly 9 years have passed. At the time he still lived in Croydon - West Wickham I think. Maybe someone has newer info. Contact has been made with Bill Carnell though. He may possibly attend the Sept bash.
31st Mar 2011 at 21:31
Large Chris:
Thankyou for the information Tim, it is wonderful to hear that contact has been made with Bill Carnell.I hope you have a lot of sucsess contacting more.
1st Apr 2011 at 10:43
Derek Lee:
Hi Chris,
Remember you well - so pleased you followed your dreams!
9th Oct 2011 at 10:55

Igor Andronov (Joined CSTS September 1961 Form 1J)
So here we are in 2011... In September its going to be 50 years since I and many of my old friends started at CSTS. I think a little celebration is called for. As far as I can tell, in 1961 the first day of term was Tuesday the 5th of September; it would therefore seem that some sort of celebration on Saturday the 3rd and/or Sunday the 4th of September of this year would be in order. I also think that its not appropriate that we make our get-together exclusively for the year that started in 1961. It would be good to see anyone that was at the school, at whatever time, if you overlapped with us or not, all will be welcome. Perhaps I could ask you all to do two things, firstly would you communicate with whoever you know to say that we are going to have a get-together and secondly could you let me know if you, or anyone else, would like to come. I will try and arrange a location in Croydon, as close to the school site as possible. An early response would be most welcome, please email me with news, comments and contacts.
As ever,
Igor Andronov

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Tim Ecott:
Excellent idea, I'll be there. I will propagate the news via email to those addresses I know. As for venue, agreed it depends on numbers - how about the Purley Arms..
Nice one. Will get back.
7th Feb 2011 at 10:18
Tim Ecott:
Also, point taken - I will increase the amount of text available to a single blog entry....
7th Feb 2011 at 10:19
Tim Ecott:
Trying to track down people via the web, without much luck. Does anyone have any info on: Pete Slack, Ken Box, or Dave Coldwell??? Post here if you can help. Cheers.
28th Feb 2011 at 18:11

Martin Ecott (Joined CSTS September 1956)
Found this and thought it might be of interest on your 'workshop projects' page. This arch was built by myself and another (prossibly Dave Hulford and/or Bruce Fairbairn) with tuition from Fred 'the slipper' Sherrington.

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Martin Ecott:
Ok, will do. Thanks for adding the picture
15th Oct 2010 at 08:41
Tim Ecott:
Thanks for this - I will add the image to the Workshop Projects page shortly. See if you can find any more CSTS memorabilia!
14th Oct 2010 at 20:23

Igor Andronov (Joined CSTS September 1961 Form 1J)
Well, I think that this addition to the web site is a masterpiece of clean functionality and design, just what would be expected from an ex CSTSian... Did we ever have a name for Alumni? I dont remember one.
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Martin Ecott (Joined CSTS September 1956)
Hi Bruv, this looks good - the next social networking site maybe ?? Well done !

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Martin Ecott:
Oops, picture too large !
11th Oct 2010 at 08:44

Tim Ecott (Joined CSTS in Sept. 1961 Form 1A, Mr. Arnott)
I am currently restoring a Classic Mini Cooper. The job has taken a year already. The attached image shows how far I have got... (is anyone else daft enough to try car restoration???). Let me know!

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Tim Ecott:
Oh, believe me, I have clutter - three pallet loads of clutter in the workshop!
11th Oct 2010 at 10:42
Igor Andronov:
I'm very concerned that your work space does not have the required level of 'clutter'...
11th Oct 2010 at 10:12
Martin Ecott:
I'm sure it will be ready, a goal to aim for !
11th Oct 2010 at 08:55
Tim Ecott:
There is still a long way to go though! I am hoping it will be finished in time for next year's Goodwood Revival, in September.
10th Oct 2010 at 20:28

Tim Ecott (Joined CSTS in Sept. 1961 Form 1A, Mr. Arnott)
I recently went to visit the Art Studio of Vic Bateman - an Alumnus of the CSTS - in Deptford, S.E. London. Attached is a photo of a piece of Vic's work on display there. I believe this painting is entitled 'Round the corner'.

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Tim Ecott (Joined CSTS in Sept. 1961 Form 1A, Mr. Arnott)
This is the initial test entry into the CSTS Alumni Blog. The attached image is a picture of Croydon - in the 1960's...

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