Pop Groups - CSTS Dance 8th July 1966

Up The Heat The Tamblin' Waukas

A CSTS Dance was held on July 8th 1966, featuring "The Heat" and "The Tamblin' Waukas":

CSTS Dance July 1966

Performances of both "The Heat" and "The Tamblin' Waukas" were recorded for posterity - using this reel-to-reel tape recorder - which still survives - and seems to still work!

A Ferguson 3208 4-track machine 'incorporating a Thorn Tape Deck'.

Now listen to "The Heat" and "The Tamblin' Waukas":

The Heat The Tamblin' Waukas

Transcriptions from the original reel-to-reel recordings made by "Audio Reunited" - who specialise in converting old format recordings. If you have any recordings from CSTS schooldays which perhaps could be added to the site, either wholly or in part, then please contact Tim Ecott here.Audio Reunited