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Audio and information supplied by David Bailey

I did the acoustic guitar and vocals (Form 3J). I cannot remember who the other guitarist (bass) was, but Neil Metcalfe (Form 4Y) was on Flute and Piano. I think B. Waller (Form 4W) did the Electric Guitar (under sufferance) and Bill Carnell did the percussion (I think it was going to be M. Everest on Drums but he went on a holiday/school trip).

We made the track "Icy Fingures" for an end of term party in '65 using an old Tandberg reel-to-reel with an echo chamber. I think Roy "someone" wrote the lyrics.

It was put together at one of the Monday night after school music sessions we started (I seem to remember they stopped suddenly but can not remember why).

--- Exit ---
Icy Fingures

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I do remember John Piper coming into Bill Carnell's classroom during one lunchtime jam session (it was loud) and yelling "out out out this rock music will be the downfall of this school". He pulled the amp plugs from the wall and threw us out into the corridor.

We prepared four songs and played them in the hall one lunchtime - and after a fight at a 5th form dance Mr Fletcher cancelled the party saying it would have to be off the school premises.

I still have the original guitar that Bill Carnell taught me on - and now play in a rock covers band Outa Stock.