Pop Groups - This Heat


Images and details supplied by Neville Crozier

The first picture is of the group "THIS HEAT" from 1967. Neville Crozier is on the far left, next to Steve Griffiths. The other two were not at CSTS. The dog appears to be having a great time.

The second picture is a ticket from the 17th July 1967 School Dance in the school hall. "This Heat" were top of the bill, supported by the Blues Brothers. It was a great dance, and in true form was stopped by Mr Fletcher when a fight broke out!

Dance Ticket 1967

Here is the only shot of "This Heat" in action! With Neville Crozier on guitar, far left, and Steve Griffiths singing. Taken on Polaroid, itís not great, but a piece of history none the less.

Steve Griffiths and Neville Crozier also played in the band "Summertime Blues" with Roger Saunders and Steve Casidy, which is listed on a ticket from 4th December 1965 school dance (see the "Unit 5" page). After that Roger left and we became "The System". Then Graham Thorn joined, and we became the "System Four", playing at the School Dance on July 8th 1966 but were not mentioned on the ticket.

Neville Crozier and co. finished up using "This Heat" as their name when "Unit5" changed their name to "The Heat" and then broke up (see Unit 5 page). They just liked the name!

For the record Neville Crozier went on to be a recording engineer with Pye studios, and also was the singer and guitarist with the punk band "Fruit Eating Bears", and still plays with the "Midnight Howlers"