Pop Groups - Unit5/The Heat

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Images and timeline supplied by Dave Clarke

This pop group, initially called Unit 5, was formed in 1963.

Unit 5

The line-up then was: Steve Harris - drums, Kevin Montague - lead guitar, Graham Thorn - rhythm guitar, Dave Clarke - bass guitar.

The name was changed, to "Sights Unnoticed":

Sights Unnoticed

Here they are 'top of the bill' at St. Augustines hall.

In 1965, they became "This Heat"...

This Heat

...and in 1966, the name was changed again, to "The Heat":

The Heat

"The Heat" line-up was: Alan Brewer - lead guitar/vocals, Graham Thorn - rhythm guitar, Dave Clarke - bass guitar, Dave H(?) - drums, Don Osborne - vocals.

Some moody promotional photos for The Heat, taken in 1965 at a disused railway station (click over each image to enlarge):

A ticket for a CSTS Dance in July 1966, featuring "The Heat":

CSTS Dance

A recording was made of 'The Heat' playing at this CSTS Dance: Listen