Pampisford Road - Certificates


Images and information supplied by Rob Rann and Colin Bamford and Graham Bachtold

This certificate from Rob Rann, from 1968 looks quite 'official'....

CSTS Endeavour Certificate - Rob Rann

....whereas the next two, also from Rob Rann, look a bit 'improvised'. On the first, it would not be good to get one for 'very bad' participation, recommending 'a parents report'!

CSTS Progress Certificate - Rob Rann
CSTS Merit Award - Rob Rann

Thankfully, both of these were awarded for good work!

Quote from Colin Bamford - "On page 7 of the school magazine my name appears for my GCE 'O' Level Art so I thought I would send you the certificate just to show it was not a misprint!"

GCE Exam Certificate - Colin Bamford

...also from Colin Bamford - "On a related note, also attached is my RSA certificate."

RSA Exam Certificate - Colin Bamford

Colin attended Croydon Secondary Technical School 1958 - 1960.

Art Prize 'confirmation' supplied by Graham Bachtold

RSA Exam Certificate - Colin Bamford

Graham attended Croydon Secondary Technical School 1961 - 1966.

Do you still have a CSTS Exam, Leaving or other type of CSTS certificate?, if so, it could be added here. Please contact Tim Ecott here.