Pupils - Revues - 6Up (1967)


Audio and information supplied by Dave Clarke.

A satirical revue was written by pupils of Upper 6th and performed to the entire school - staff and pupils, at the end of term in July 1967. The revue contained some musical contributions written and performed by Dave Clarke and Graham Thorn - of Lower 6th. The choice of tunes offers an interesting reflection of titles that were presumably current at the time. The recordings were made during a rehearsal - and it would be nice to think that the performance on the day was perhaps a little more polished. However, I fear it may not have been !!

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Introduction / In a Dump Like This
aka: With a Girl Like You - The Troggs.
Late For School - with reference to John Piper - Headmaster
aka: Off The Hook - The Rolling Stones.
God only Knows - with reference to Pete Arnott - French
aka: God Only Knows - The Beach Boys.
Pete Arnott (French Master) had recently purchased a new car and he continued to set a fine example to the boys by smoking whenever the opportunity arose.
The Biggest Beard - with reference to Bill Carnell - Music
aka: The Derby Ram - Traditional Drinking/Folk song.
The Derby Ram, is a traditional drinking song that Bill Carnell (Music Master) used to sing and play to us. The original tune is about some well inebriated folk describing a ram they had seen. Being a tad the worse for wear, either when they saw it or when they were telling the story later in the pub, they exaggerated the ramís features. This version applies that concept to Billís beard.
Freddie - with reference to Fred Sherrington - Brickwork
aka: Wendy - The Beach Boys.
Fred Sherrington (Brickwork Master) had just announced his resignation yet the Cricket Pavillion, which was being built by the pupils under his supervision, was nowhere near finished.
Walk Right In
Four and Twenty Virgins came down from Inverness

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