The School Song


The CSTS used two school songs during its lifetime.

Based on Speech Day Programmes it is evident that the original School Song (below) was sung up to at least 1954.
Written by George Wallace Briggs (1875-1959) "Our Father by whose servants" was originally written as Loughborough Grammar School's school hymn. It was adopted as a school hymn by many other schools, so was not specific to the CSTS.

Our Father, By Whose Servants

Our Father, by whose servants our house was built of old,
Whose hand hath crowned her children with blessings manifold,
For thine unfailing mercies far-strewn along our way,
With all who passed before us, we praise thy name to-day.

The changeful years unresting their silent course have sped,
New comrades ever bringing in comradesí steps to tread;
And some are long forgotten, long spent their hopes and fears;
Safe rest they in thy keeping, who changest not with years.

They reap not where they laboured, we reap what they have sown;
Our harvest may be garnered by ages yet unknown.
The days of old have dowered us with gifts beyond all praise:
Our Father, make us faithful to serve the coming days.

Before us and beside us, still holden in thine hand,
A cloud unseen of witness, our elder comrades stand:
One family unbroken, we join, with one acclaim,
One heart, one voice uplifting, to glorify thy name.

Information about the use of this school song originally supplied by Keith Varnals.

Listen to this hymn being sung (by a choir of ladies):


Again based on Speech Day Programmes, it is evident that the new School Song (below) was sung from at least 1960.
Possibly specifically written for the new CSTS Pampisford Road school, it may have been introduced in 1958.

Praise now to this our school,
Where we learn to play our part, 
In finding ourselves a place,
In life, that we soon may grace, 
The world when we depart.
Learning to share the toil, 
Helping the frail and weak.
Guided by mutual aid,
To those noble aims we seek. 
Corporate now we stand, 
One body enjoined in work, 
Oh Lord, grant us grace to know, 
Oh Lord, grant us grace to know, 
Thy love and help to live by deeds not words.

Noting the stars and spheres, 
We wander through realms untrod, 
Discovering Nature's end,
With science, our guide and friend, 
To lead us nearer God.
Working with lathe and plane, 
Moulding the wood and steel. 
Setting a pattern true,
In all that we do and feel. 
Solid achievement now,
We show as the fruits of work. 
But when through the world we go, 
But when through the world we go, 
We still shall see we live by deeds not words.

Words by W.E. Fletcher, MA (Oxon) 
Music by D.O. Crossling, ARCM

Images supplied by Roger Perriss.

Perhaps someone can remember the new school song being introduced and can pinpoint/confirm the actual year of change? If so, please contact Tim Ecott here.