School Trips


Images and information supplied by Tim Ecott, Colin Bamford and Rob Rann.

Two images from Rob Rann. What are they? Some form of pre-payment for a school trip?

Official CSTS Rubber Stamp used here:

Day Trip Payment Page 1

Only one payment recorded!:

Day Trip Payment Page 2

Quote from Colin Bamford - "This photo is of Trevor Kempsall, taken on the Lorelei Rock overlooking the Rhine during the school trip to Germany in August 1960. What a riot that was! As mentioned elsewhere, Trevor was a guitar player with Paul Rangecroft and their group Paul and The Alpines".

Trevor Kempsall

This photo is of Chris Izzard, Chris Stott and Vic Bateman, taken on the Grossglockner Glacier in Austria in 1964. This school trip was based in Golling, south of Salzburg.

Chris Izzard Chris Stott and Vic Bateman

More from the Austria School Trip, 1964:

John Piper and Mike Ryan in this shot:

John Piper and Mike Ryan

At the St Anton Guest House:

At the St Anton Guest House

An early 'selfie' - Vic Bateman, Tim Ecott, Chris Stott and Chris Izzard:

Vic Bateman, Tim Ecott, Chris Stott and Chris Izzard

The Salt Mine Trip.
Tim Ecott - 5th from back, Vic Bateman - 4th from back
Mike Ryan - 2nd from back:

The Salt Mine Trip

Do you have any photos taken on CSTS School Trips?, if so, they could be added here. Please contact Tim Ecott here.