South Norwood - Images


Images and information supplied by Keith Varnals and Roger Hart

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Keith Varnals' classmates and Mr Smith in the Recreation Ground, South Norwood, circa 1949/50.

Surnames of those present (position in the image not yet determined):
Anklin, Arthurs, Ashby, Brennan, Butcher, Cornish, Dicker, Eakers, Fowler, Fuller, Gordon, Hayman, Reynolds, Shoebridge, Smith, Spencer, Varnals, Waite, Williams.

Here are 3 images from a CSTS Sports Day, held at Stroud Green (a sports field located in Woodside) in 1952:

This image is commented "Gould, Simon et al"

This image is also commented "Gould, Simon et al"

This image is commented "Roger Hart winning the Relay"