Technical Drawing

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Images supplied by Dave Clarke, Roger Farley and Tim Ecott.

Pictures and details of Text Books and instruments used in Technical Drawing classes.

Firstly, the all-important Pencil. The only type we were allowed to use was a 4H.
It was very hard and left an impression in the paper if you rubbed it out!

4H Pencil

Then there was the Equipment: Drawing Board, T Square, Instruments, Ruler, Clips:


The ruler is an ‘original’ from Form 4A. It has several names scribed into it, 'Diane', 'Gillett', 'Tony', 'Kenny', and 'Clarke'.
It probably was originally owned by Graham Gillett.

The ruler

A close-up of the paper clip...

Paper Clip

...and of Dave Clarke's TD instruments:

Instruments (Dave Clarke)

Here is a close-up of Tim Ecott's 'Kern' TD instruments. Bought item by item (from Roffey & Clark in Croydon High Street) with pocket money, and housed in a home-made case lined with CSTS school trouser material....

Instruments (Tim Ecott)

Some of the Text Books used in Technical Drawing (click over each cover image to enlarge)

Intermediate Engineering Drawing, by A.C. Parkinson:

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Click hereInner cover.
Click hereSample pages.

Practical Engineering Drawing, Volume 1, by C. J. Atkins & G.B. Ward:

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Click hereInner cover.
Click hereSample page.
Click hereSample pages.

These text books each cost 12/6d, or 62½p in today’s money. Not enough to buy a decent newspaper now!

All Technical Drawing work done by pupils was stored in a cupboard in the TD Office. Each pupil had a large pink folder assigned to hold their work. This surviving but rather battered example also has some artwork on the outside. (Image is of Roger Farleys TD folder).

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Do you have any examples of Technical Drawing work done at CSTS?, if so, they could be added here. Please contact Tim Ecott here.

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