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Workshop project item images and details supplied by Dave Clarke, Neville Crozier, Igor Andronov, Roger Farley and Martin Ecott.

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A Table Lamp - made by Dave Clarke during Woodwork class circa 1966 and still in use today (2014).
There were two principal components – the base and the stem. Both were made on the lathe. Prior to bringing the two parts together the stem was drilled through the centre (on the lathe) for the cable to be eventually thread through. The base however, was channelled out on the underside to take the cable. The stem and the base were then brought together and glued. A brass lamp holder was screwed to the top of the stem and a cable threaded through and attached to the lamp holder. The base then had green baize felt glued to the underside. The lamp was completed by being polished and fitted with a suitable shade.
A Square - made in the Metalwork Workshop of Mr. Stroud by Neville Crozier in 1963/4.
A pair of Calipers - made in the Metalwork Workshop of Mr. Stroud by Neville Crozier in 1963/4.
A Square - made circa 1966 in the Metalwork Workshop by Roger Farley.
A Copper Serviette Ring - made in the 1st or 2nd year (1961/62) in the Metalwork Workshop under direction of Mr. (Mike) Ryan. The copper strip used to make the ring was first formed into a precise hexagonal shape by using the folding bars then braised in the forge at the seam. The outer surface was then hammered with a planishing hammer to give it the beaten texture.
A Teapot Stand - made in 1st year (1961) in the Woodwork Workshop under direction of Mr. (Reg) Young. The octagonal top piece was first cut to shape and surfaced with Formica. The base was made from 2 pieces – first the ends were bevelled, then the 2 pieces joined at the centre with a halving joint and then screwed to the top piece. This item was in continuous use by Dave’s mother for nearly 40 years!
Mr Young would often gather the class round a bench to be shown a technique, equally often he would use the phrase ‘ don’t you do this’ as he used a tool in a particularly dangerous way ! Some will also remember - how could they forget, having their work mercilessly twisted or smashed to pieces with a mallet if it was poorly made.
A Steel Staple - made circa 1963 in the Metalwork Workshop of Mr. (Burt) Watson. The circular steel bar used to make the staple was first heated in the forge and beaten to produce the pointed ends. It was then heated again and beaten into the 'U' shape to create pins of equal length. Finally, the points were ‘case hardened’ by heating again, dipping into carbon and plunging immediately into cold water.
A Fruit Bowl - made circa 1966 on one of the lathes in the Woodwork Workshop of Mr. (Reg) Young. This bowl is made of Sycamore wood. After it was turned, it was also finished on the lathe with beeswax and then buffed.
A Hook - made circa 1963 in the Metalwork Workshop of Mr. (Burt) Watson. The circular steel bar used to make the hook had to be heated, flattened at one end drilled and countersunk to produce the plate for the screw holes. The bar was then heated again and beaten into the required hook shape and given a smooth rounded end.
A Pastry Cutter – made circa 1962 (1st or 2nd year). Made from 2 parts, the circular cutter part began as flat piece of tin plate, it was cut and filed to shape, given a ‘safe edge’ by turning one edge back on itself. It was then bent round a circular former and soldered together. The handle was fashioned similarly except it was given 2 safe edges. Finally, the handle was soldered onto the base. This item has no rust and is still in use (2009) by Dave’s wife to make shortbread biscuits!
A Small Oak Bookstand - another ‘set piece’ made in Mr. (Reg) Young’s woodwork shop. The base and rail are jointed to the sides with dowels and the piece is finished with a beeswax polish.
The book on display – Lonely Road by Nevil Shute, cost 3 shillings and 6 pence (3/6) - equivalent to 17.5p. It is a genuine ‘school library’ book, rebound in 1966 by the CSTS library monitors to make a more durable copy – it seems to have worked, in 2010 it’s now 44 years old!
A Trug Basket – made in 1961/1962 (1st year) by Igor Andronov.
It still carries the label: 'I. Andronov Form 1J'. Igor remembers putting the label on prior to the basket being used as part of a display of work for a school 'Open Day'.
A Brick Fireplace Surround - Martin Ecott writes: "This arch was built circa 1959/1960 by myself and another (probably Dave Hulford and/or Bruce Fairbairn) with guidance from Fred 'the slipper' Sherrington. I remember we filled several of his slippers with concrete!"

Does anyone else still have any items made in the School Workshops? If so, please mail photo(s) to Tim Ecott here.